Case Studies

Cassidy’s Story

“When I first started taking my eight year old daughter to Dr. Mike I was at the end of my rope. I had taken her to several doctors including a child neurologists at one of the top hospitals in the united states. That doctor told me to give her tylenol or ibuprofen. The others just put her on adult grand seizure medication. The final doctor we saw told me she should be on the seizure medication and it seemed like no one could help my daughter from the severe migraines she had been suffering with her whole life.

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After all of this, I was ready to try anything. I had talked to Dr. Mike about my daughter and he said to bring her in. Was he crazy? He wasn’t touching my baby, even though I knew how much he had helped me with my pain and how wonderful I feel now because of his care. The thought of him adjusting my daughter was non existent in my mind. I just shook my head and said ‘let’s see some results with me first and I will think about it.’ A couple of months later she had one of the worst episodes ever. I have never seen her cry with so much pain before. It broke my heart. I took her that week to see Dr. Mike and it was the best thing I ever did for her. After taking the time to speak to me, he also took the time to tell my daughter what was going on. He answered any questions she had. She was scared at first but now she loves to go. I think the secret to chiropractic care is to find a good chiropractor. I happened to find one that is wonderful with kids. It makes it so much easier if the the environment is stress free. Now, after a few months of going, and a birthday passing, my nine year old is migraine free. I should thank Dr. Mike for all he and his staff have done. I should thank my friend who referred me to Dr. Mike in the first place. If she didn’t refer me to him my daughter would still be in pain.”


Ryan’s Ear Infections

“My son was continuing to get ear infections, one after the other. I was referred to a specialist that recommended tubes be put in his ears. I was hesitant and not ready for that. I met Dr. Mike at the mall. He informed us how he could help us and it really made sense so we decided to give it a try.

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Immediately I noticed a change in Ryan. He stopped fussing and he could sit still longer than ever before. He is no longer in pain and the fluid in both ears is gone. Ryan is happy and giggles constantly. Although he became a little afraid of his visits, I know this is definitely to his benefit. He is getting over his fear now and I couldn’t be more pleased with our chiropractic experience.”

Breathing Trouble

“Before I saw the Forbes Family Chiropractic flyer in the Foster’s Daily Democrat and started getting adjustments. I was experiencing a stiff neck and pain from my shoulder blade area up the side of my neck. I had reached a point of physical challenges that were so overwhelming that I thought I might have a life threatening disease. I experienced extreme episodes of shortness of breath, constant pressure of my right ear, constant pressure of my sinuses and intense pain through my entire body. At times I would literally stop whatever I was doing in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

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After only two weeks, I am able to breathe more deeply, the pressure is gone from my sinuses and ear, and my major issues of pain have lessened dramatically. I am feeling physically healthier and my attitude is more positive and hopeful. I have learned a lot about how other functions of the body can be affected by subluxation. I believe everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.”

Arlene’s Testimonial

We voice recorded this testimonial on July 21, 2003 about one month after Arlene began chiropractic care. In her words…

“This all started when I lost my hearing four years ago. They thought I had wax and then they thought I had an infection. They gave me pills for the infection and a couple days later I woke up and I could not walk. I was walking holding on to the walls so I then went to a neurologist and he put me through all kinds of tests and said there was nothing they could do for me. I went through everything. The doctors sent me to the Lahey clinic and I thought ‘Oh, good, they’re going to give me a pill and I’m going to be better.’

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I went to the Lahey clinic and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. They thought I had a virus. I went to an acupuncturist and she said that if she couldn’t help within a certain amount of weeks she wouldn’t be able to help. Acupuncture was of no help so I figured chiropractic was my last resort. I saw the ad in the paper from Dr. Mike and I figured what’s wrong with going to a chiropractor? My son comes here and he said, “you have nothing to lose, Mom, because Dr. Mike is a great guy.” So here I am. Now I am able to hear the dial tone on the phone again. For these past years I was very depressed. I got out of my depression but I was not really happy like I used to be. I came here one day and when i left the office I felt like going on a mountain and singing like The Sound of Music. I was really happy. I have that old feeling back. I was really happy with that. Now that I have read the book, Chiropractic First, I don’t believe in pills that much anymore, you know? I used to do arobics and weightlifting with my legs. I was very good at that. I used to run and I can not do this now. I can get up now and I have the balance back in my legs. It’s really good. The only thing that is really bad is my bladder. Dean, my husband, says that Dr. Mike can cure that; my body has to do that itself. They think they want to operate on me and I keep saying ‘No, I’m going to wait for this to work itself out.’ I tell my friends about chiropractic. Some people believe in it and some don’t. I guess I am a good Catholic, I believe in everything (more laughter). I explain to them that no one could do anything for me. They couldn’t even find a pill to help me and they didn’t even mention going to a chiropractor. Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve been walking better and getting up better. But there are a lot of little things underlying, like the depression, which I am out of now. I was not elated like I used to be and now I am. That is a plus. Dean, Arlene’s husband adds: If chiropractors, acupuncturists and doctors would get together, it would be much better for the human body. I went to the Lahey clinic for four years and it’s almost like I wasted those four years. it took me so long to find help, I walk better now and Dean doesn’t help me down the stairs anymore.” Arlene is often paces ahead of Dean and she doesn’t come into the office with her cane anymore. We’ve all been witness to her being able to get up and out of a chair without assistance.